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Wallpapers for Desktops and Phones

Here you will find some wallpapers I made for myself. Now it is all for others to use. Some of the images used to make them are available on this blog. They have been manipulated for which they are not always going to be recognizable. Just take a look at the butterflies in this first wallpaper. Once I had it glittery. You will find it under butterfly section. These wallpapers are larger in size. But since they would take time to load they have been made smaller here. Just click them to see them in their actual sizes. Feel free to shrink or enlarge them more for your convenience. Do note that not all wallpapers have the same theme. They have been kept organized according to their brightness and darkness.


The red heart one below is the original. The second version was an experiment. The heart given here can be found inside this post


The dark ones look really confusing in small size. So you definitely need to click them to enlarge them. Each has some kind of object or meaning. Also not all of them are actually that girly. Unfortunately, because of the darkness, it was not possible to offer you several colors of each.

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