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Some Sympathy Notes in Style

We have a trend according to which we sympathize with someone in this virtual world through cute gifs. They are always accompanied by a small line of wish like get well soon and I hope you feel better. This is what you will find here. Creating sympathy gifs is not easy at all. The recipient's feeling must always be kept into consideration. Because of this, sometimes it is completely forbidden to add too much fanciness to the art. If the person is going through severe distress we have to make sure to go for those that are not moving.
This is true especially in the case of death of a loved one. This post has both animated and still notes. Pick what you  need very carefully.  If you wish to make someone smile go for those that have teddy bear.

Get Well Soon Only

Feel Better

The two gifs below are transparent in between. So they can be used on any background of your choice. A little bit of sparklies have got out of the images probably. 

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