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Graph Papers

If you are working with coordinates for JavaScript or any other thing you will find  yourself suddenly in need of graph paper. But most of us don't think to save them after school. Online, it is hard to do find some good ones. Feel lucky here. I am posting here all the papers I made myself for my work.  Click each to see which size would be best for you. You should be able to use them all through Microsoft Paint. Otherwise, just print.

Sun Cliparts

These are some of the sun cliparts I did for my projects. Some of them are glossy.

Glossy and Colorful Buttons for Websites

I did not have any use for these buttons. Feel free to grab them to create menu or anything else you like. They are seo friendly. Using them will make it easy for smartphone or tablet users to navigate through your site without much trouble.

Rectangular Buttons

Random Words for Expression

Did you ever notice how expressions of the smileys sometimes don't just make sense? Someone might have shared it with you to convey sadness. But upon search, you find out that its original artist designed it to express some kind of embarrassment. I always had trouble figuring this out. Thanks to some innovators, now we can create words in artistic fashion to solve the confusion. 

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