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Image Use Rules

It is purely comprehensible that you are here to make use of these images online. I have no problem with that. I will not say “just look at them and then get out” like others. My rules are pretty simple and they are as follows:

  • Download the images instead of taking their links. This is better for both of us. You will never know when Picasa starts acting weird. Also sometimes I have to move around the images which may end up breaking the links. So downloading will save you from headache.
  • If you use any of these images giving credit to this blog is not necessary, but will be appreciated. But do note that citations might be required by multimedia and advertisement design classes. 
  • Do not claim the image to be yours on another site unless you manipulate it with your personal touch. 
  • Feel free to make them your icons, design your website or anything else you want, but selling them at some website like stock-photos is prohibited. Once again, no need to make public that you got them from this blog.
  • Also I do not permit anyone to add my images to collections on sites such as: 1.Scrappers: These are sites  made to collect other artists images with the intention to make them available for downloads while making money. The owner here uses bot to steal the images. 2. Photobucket kind if the image is made public. If I find a site doing so I will have to send you a notice which if you do not respond will go to your host. 
Enjoy Browsing!

How to save the images?
First left click to see if the image opens in a new window. If it does then download it using this new window. For others, simply right click on your chosen image and select save as.

Pictures and songs take up a lot of space on hard disk. So try saving such things on flash drives or My Passport.

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