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Stars and Starry Sky In Gif and Png Formats

One problem with star gif is that it never looks unique. The Internet is already full of them. Yes, many people have taken their chance in creating them. So although the the stars below are all original, they might end up looking familiar to you. Majority of them are transparent. This time we will start out with their animated versions first. Then the still versions will follow. You can use them as bullets or add them to other stuff. You can shrink them, change their colors or give them a complete makeover. This page will be updated occassionally.


Try any of the above four starry lines as your background image of your website. You will be amazed by what you will see. Keep the layer below your choice of gif white. This is going to bring elegance to the look. The feminine websites will benefit the most. Most of these lines were used inside the link hover scripts. So if you are still using it, they will be of good help for you.

These lines below have backgrounds while the top ones do not!

Starry Sky

Solo Animated

Still Stars


The next four stars might look quite realistic. But they are actually drawn graphics. The balloon structure was got through manipulation. Same is true for the metal and wooden stars. They were not made by cutting metals and wood at all. 

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