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Spicy Speech Bubbles

Speech bubbles can be great fun. It is now almost a trend to use them in pictures and screenshots. But what is annoying is that most speech bubbles found online have white background underneath them.
If you go to find the transparent ones you will find their inside empty. Others need makers' permission because they have watermarks. To rescue users from such issues, the speech bubbles shown below have been created. They are very easy to make. Feel free to use them. I will be making some more in the future. So keep checking back. Each was made at different times. So the sizes will vary and some maybe larger than how they appear here.

Glossy and Colorful

Majority of the time, we use black colored texts in speech bubbles. That is why, most colors you will see here will be brighter.Feel free to use another color or flip the bubbles. Convenience matters most after all. For plain white, scroll below.

Set of Cute Ones
The ones below are all sets. The first one is inspired from pillows.

Plan and White

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