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Romantic and Artistic Frames

These are some of the frames that I created and others can use. They are great for not only pictures, but also  for other stuff like a quote gif. You can simply insert it inside any of the frames of your choice. For ecards they are great too. The whiteness you are seeing in the middle of each frame comes from the page of this blog. All frames inside are transparent. So you see, you do not need to waste time cutting anything.That said, the frames are bigger than they look up here. Most of them are 500x700 or maybe more.

The hearts used in the above frames are found under collection of heart gifs which you will find right in this blog. You can use them to make your own gif items. 

This next one is actually not a picture frame. It was made to accompany a circular image in order to get the snow globe effect.Once the work was over, a few flowers were added to it. The frame was just sitting idle. 

Frames need to be sometimes elegant. That is what makes them classic and more mature. The fancy ones are mostly used by young people.
The older generation needs something more serious and obviously, elegance provides it. The next ones are those. The original color is green and the accents were of gold. Well, they do look small, but they are in reality gigantic. It was done to save space and speed up loading time. You can see their real size by clicking them.

The inspiration for the frame below is nighttime. Blue is a gorgeous color and almost anything looks nice on it. Playing around with rainbow is fun too. 


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