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Valentine's Day Greetings

Most of these greetings are transparent. I wanted to decorate them with more stuff, but didn't have time. Some of them just look cute without anything. Feel free to use them anywhere you like. Just currently, some of them have the tag of this blog. The reason behind this is that a television channel ended up stealing one of the graphics from here. We are calling it stealing because they decorated their talk show studio with it, but did not give credit to this blog. The truth is that the graphics here are only for those who wish to use them at forums or social networking sites to express themselves in brief way. They are also for people who want to decorate their websites or want something more to add in the image they are designing.
Nobody is permitted to add them in collections found in their photobucket or other sites like Glitter graphics and so on.Television channel people and other big commercial sites have the money to buy the stuff from stockphoto. They are not allowed to touch what is available here. Anyways, enjoy these Valentine's day graphics with your loved ones.

The one below is over 500. In short, it is a bit huge. Click it to see it. 

valentine's day
Valentine's day

The two below are not transparent. I thought the shades behind the main letters needed some kind of support for which I used the white background.


The next ones have a blend of gold glitter and Valentine's day colors. I wanted the jewelry kind of effect. I suppose I achieved it.

Now time for some more additions to the greetings. They are perfect for emails.

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  1. Nice post featuring these lovely Valentines day wishes and greetings with nice images and fonts. Thanks for sharing. This is simply perfect for this coming Valentines 2014.

    Anne Walker


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