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Display of Flowers and Plants

Here are some of the flowers in png and gif form which I used to make my stuff. They looked cute and so I never wanted to completely get rid of them.  If you want you can use them in your articles, projects or simply add them to your other images. As you scroll down, you will find flower cliparts, floaties, backgrounds, and lines. Some of them even have sparkles and butterflies because I tend to fall for them faster. Others are more about foliage.
This is another new rose gif I have done. It was made for a love quote I designed. Perhaps, you can put it to some other use. 

The flower below had a good future. It was made and kept on the hard drive for so long, yet I did not get enough time to work on it. 

Rose clipart
Roses are beautiful. They definitely need sparkles in images. That is what, I have tried doing here. I specifically picked white and pink roses because they seem very royal. 



The scenery below looks romantic and mysterious. Believe me, it wasn't white, but black. Also the butterflies had details. But a little bit of accident changed them. I liked the end result. It used to be my background image. Now it is all yours.

A foreign tv channel stole one of these moons below. I was furious to see that. 

Was not sure which animation would be perfect for the next graphic. So both of them have been posted here.


The ones below here have white background. This means that if you wish to put them on any other color you have to make them transparent.

Tiny Flowers Without Leaves
Sometimes we need to work with very tiny flowers. They are not easily available. Meanwhile, minimizing the size of a large one does not always yield to good result. So try the ones given below. They were actually made this way by me. I created a heart gif with them. Now it is your turn. Each flower here is a separate gif. 



  1. Thank you so much for sharing so freely your images. You are very kind.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing so freely your images. You are very kind.


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