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Season's Greetings Using Two Different Lines

This post has all gifs related to season's greetings. The first section consists of only Merry Christmas. These days many prefer to not use it. Instead, happy holidays has become more acceptable. That is why, the other section consists of only that. Various winter themes have been used to make all these gifs. A few are irrelevant, but colors have been used to highlight the winter season as well as Christmas. You can always send them to someone in emails or text message. Every gif here is animated, but most do not have that many frames. Do click the images here to see their correct sizes. One thing this post is missing is the greeting added to snow globe gifs. To get a hold of them, go to the topics at the bottom right hand corner of this page. 

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

It is slightly more difficult to come up with Happy Holiday greetings. The theme usually needs to be more related to winter, but not religious. This is where things go blurry. To eliminate little bit of this trouble, penguins and snowmen have been used in most the images given below. Yet at the end of the day, it is hard to stay from the Christmas trees and ornaments. 

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