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Snowflakes and Other Cute Swinging Stuff

These little swing gifs were sitting in the private account. I thought they might help others. Swinging gifs were big in 2004. There were designers who dedicated entire sites to them. Now God knows where they are gone. I was quite inspired by their work and ended up making what you are seeing below. It took a lot of practice to get them in perfect shape. Tutorials back then about them were not so easy to follow. So there were a few mistakes I made. The first swinging gifs I created had straight lines instead of chains and that totally ruined everything. But since the final images came out okay I decided to save them. This post was supposed to be all about snowflakes, but then I ended up adding all other swinging objects to it. Somehow they are relevant to one another's movement.

Still Snowflakes
I forgot to add the still snowflakes that I made. These are also great for making greeting cards and winter wonderland. All snowflakes do not have the same texture and color because they were done at different times and not at once. Feel free to change anything about them to make them more compatible with your project.

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