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Arrow Icons in Web 2.0 Style

These are some of the arrows that you can use in websites, widgets or PowerPoint. Below, some of them are pointing towards either left or right. You can basically turn them to your desired direction by downloading them and then picking left or right button on the preview windows Photo Viewer. A few has both the versions. As the title suggests, they are not the ordinary arrows. Their futuristic look will reveal to you that they are made by using web 2.0 designs, but with some twists. If you scroll down you will find a few animated ones. They might not look much futuristic. Note that they have not been converted to .ico format. 


Inspiration for these arrows came from video game world and not what is already available all over the net. Interestingly, these are not difficult to make. 

Just letting you know that the last arrow on the top is extremely large.

Fancy and with Props

We do not need to always go with the flow. It is okay to break the tradition. That is the main way innovation takes place. The next group of arrows are experiments. They have come out quite stylish.

Hollow and Plain

All Animated

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