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Neon Swirls, Dingbats and Ornamentals

As mentioned in the title, here you will find everything neon and bright. This style is kind of new, but its gaining a lot of popularity due its coolness. 

The tradition is to have the swirl or dingbat completely white and neon color must border them. 

However, sometimes other colors inside the swirl and dingbat can also create magic. 

That is why, some of the ones here have colors added. How and where do you use them? 

The decision is for you to make. 

But majority of the time, these objects are added to photos to spice them up. 


Some of the designs here are too large. If you do not like the color just download your chosen design and put it on photoshop to lessen the brightness to complete black so that you can recolor it. Otherwise, use Hue and Saturation feature.

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