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Waterfall and Fountains

It is too easy to fall in love with waterfall gifs, but they can be quite time consuming to make at least for me. I like to give them digital art effect.

Creating the falling water effect is also not always the same.

It does not work for me.

I like to experiment with different techniques.

That is why, not every gif you will find here will have same kind of moving water.

Majority of these gifs show nighttime.

There is a reason for it.

Waterfalls look more enchanting during that time.

Water Fountains

The design of fountain is derived much from natural waterfalls. Hence, I decided to add them here. It is fun to make them, but coming up with a fountain concept can be very difficult. Also it seems that fountains look better over white background. Perhaps, it is because blue sky and water can't look compatible in the image. The end result is often camoflage which definitely is not good if we want the water to be the main highlight. Also fountain without nature looks incomplete. Hence, all the gifs here have the garden air. 

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