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Diamonds and Jewelry (Blings)

These are some of the jewels that can be used anywhere. They are not real ones. They are simply made digitally or manipulated to look like real ones. For many images, you will need jewel stones. This is what you will find here. Since there was very less time in hand, I did not get to keep them in organized sections.
Some of what you will see here have already been used in my other images. So they are more like leftovers.
The apple above is not made from real diamond. Its original version exists right in this blog. The diamonds are inserted in it through Photoshop.


These are a bit too huge in size. You can shrink them before use though.

These are some of the jewelry items that came out of my imagination. Since diamonds have the best glow they have been heavily used on them. The earrings are great for name tags. 


Fantasy Gems

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