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Love Quote Gifs In Wide Varieties

Here are some love quotes that I always wanted to decorate for others. They are all by anonymous people for which no name has been attached to them. Feel free to download them. Note that not all of them are transparent. Also a few have been kept as still. They just do not require any kind of glitter because of their own power. 

The quote on the heart is just something that came out of my head. Love is very unusual. It changes personality, opinions and even strength. One feeling its might can fight almost everything in the world. There is no way to underestimate love. The next one is by some unknown person.

What is impressive about this quote is that just in few words it is saying the truth.  Law of attraction is somehow attached to it. According to it, the more we chase something, the more it keeps going away from us. Same applies to love. 

I liked what I did below. So I am giving you color options. Pick the one that you find most interesting. I liked the two little kids here and so I also created a Valentine's day greeting with them.

The three above have white background. So try to use them on similar color to position them better. They all have a bit of glitter added to their letters. Some colors are not just making them visible. 

I am not that much into pop. But a specific song by Richard Marx has always remained my all the time favorite. It is falling. It is sad to see this song getting overshadowed by Can't help falling in love. The problem is that both of them have similar title. Anyways, I went artsy once with the last few lines of the song's lyrics. It was my way to promote the song.
Here is another one done on my favorite song, You are the One by Sentenced. The gif is quite huge and thus has been shrunk here to fit the page. 
The last image was transparent. The next isn't. But yes, it did inspire me. So here is another of its kind. By the way, the hearts used to make them are found on this blog. If you wish you can make something else with them.

No breakup, just purely in happy love, yet a sad Gothic song has got stuck to my head. I have been listening to it every time I get some free time. The lyrics were nice and a bit about breakup. A few lines were quite powerful. I decided to decorate them. Here it is:
These lines come from the song Come back to Me. It is by Razed in Black. It is not one of those slow songs though. 

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