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Fix: Disavow Tool Shows 0 Link and 0 Domain

Google's disavow tool is more complicated than it looks. One mistake in the form can make the task of disavowing more troublesome. Before in the text file, we used the pound sign (#) for comments and domain: for URLs. From my experience, I can tell that this worked. It was in line with Google's own instructions. However, now it does not seem to be the case.

I did it only to find out later that it did not work. In fact, the result was this:
"You successfully uploaded a disavow links file () containing 0 domains and 0 URLs."Someone started a thread on this at Webmaster Help forum in 2013 and was replied by a Google official that it was only a glitch. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any remedy for it by any SEO experts. Not even Google came up with anything. Just as I said, the above format did not work. But after a lot of  trial and error, I became successful. This is what I did:
# is not responding to my link removal request
# is abandoned and thus no one is there to respond to my email
# never responded to my email for link removal

The reasons I showed were what happened to my sites. You should type your own reasons. After uploading the textfile like this, I was able to get the message:
"You successfully uploaded a disavow links file () containing 3 domains and 0 URLs"

The lesson to learn from this is that only URLS placed after the pound sign will get the file to be turned in. 

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