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Collection of Heart Gifs

Originally, I made these hearts for Xanga. Now they are of no use over there. Feel free to use them in your animated creations. You can shorten and cut them. No need to keep them in original shape.But yes, instead of backlinking, download the images and please, no adding them to live collections of Glitter Graphics, etc.

I can't truly remember when I made the above heart chains. They were sitting on my flashdrive and taking up space. 

The two above are related. Same hearts have been used to make them.

The one below is purely transparent.


Empty Red Hearts With Reflecting Light

There are many colors, but hearts are nothing if they are not in red. So here we have them. Transparent totally, they are ready to be used anywhere you like. It is really funny that many stockphoto like sites are trying to sell them at a price. This is such a scam! Making realistic light filled red heart takes less than 3 minutes and most often requires not even a single brush. For glossy hearts in other colors scroll down.

Dividers and Accents

The one above was supposed to be an enter sign, but I never finished working on it. Use your imagination to get creative with it.

The new few hearts are actually larger. But they have been shrunk here to minimize loading time of the page. Click on each to see their real sizes.



sparkling heart

heart and roses

The one given above has a diamond heart. It can be found under jewelry section of this blog.
Scattered Hearts

Here are some hearts that were actually kind of like leftovers. I did want to utilize them before. Just scroll below to see how they have been made floaties.

Intense Glitter
Yes, the ones below are of rainbow colors. But I really went overboard with them. Unfortunately, I did not make them transparent. 

glitter heart

Hearts with Bows

Heart in Pain

Tiny Hearts

Glossy Hearts in Other Colors

Note that some hearts here are larger than appear. Click to see their original size.

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