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Aries Animal and Symbol In Different Styles

Normally, many Aries people like red color. That is why in their following image, I used red glitter mostly. I left the circle in gold to signify the essence of the fire element.This image is not transparent. So it can be best used on white background. Do you any other ideas about it? Feel free to try them all out on it.
For the next one, I just used a free clipart of ram's horns. This time I decided to show the direct power of fire. It is kind of like the highlight of this image.It definitely will look best as an icon. For that, of course, resizing must be performed. 
Otherwise, a frame will be best. I would go with black or red.
This next one was done to once again show fire's connection with Aries. 

When making it, my mind was on avatars. That is the reason why, the image has been made smaller.

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